Design Tips For Your Home

Ideas For Every Space In Your Home

Design Tips For Your Home

Here at Online Furniture World UK, we are here to bring you design ideas that are not only gorgeous, sophisticated, unique, quirky, or traditional but also affordable. We are not planning on bringing you magazine perfect spaces but real and doable ideas to achieve your show home styling within your own home.

What Will You Find On Our Site?

  • ✔ Ideas on fresh, modern designs
  • ✔ How to create great home offices & work-spaces
  • ✔ Kitchens & bathrooms our top tips
  • ✔ Ideas for every room in your home
  • ✔ Ideas for outdoor spaces – gardens, patios & backyards
  • ✔ How to shop safely online
  • ✔ How to make sure your furniture fits
  • ✔ What to look for in furniture online

How We Can Help You

Keep checking online furniture world for the latest in home ideas for your living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. We keep our blog pages covered with a host of topics from how to be eco-friendly to the trend in small (tiny!) homes. We bring you ideas on outdoor design and furniture for gardens and patios, plus hints and tips on reusing furniture. Explore sustainability with us, how it is changing, how we shop and think about our furniture, and how we live.

Following Covid-19, more and more people have begun to work from home. Having a home office or dedicated workspace is becoming a must-have. Discover how to convert space in your home to become a functional home office and still have room to move around.

A Furniture Revolution Is Happening

A Furniture Revolution Is Happening

Furnishing your home has never been as much fun, given all the furniture you now have access to, thanks to the explosion of technology and e-commerce shopping. Of course, you may need to have a budget that many would like, but not many have. No worries. That is where we can help you get the style you want for the budget you have. Be that for home, patio or garden furniture.

Physical furniture retail stores are phenomenally expensive to run, and those costs are ultimately picked up by the customer. That’s why shopping for your furniture online can allow you to take advantage of massive savings. From exclusive, and expensive, designer furniture, to recycled, sustainable, eco-friendly furniture and everything in between!

How To Choose Your Online Furniture

The days of hunting through the second-hand shops or auction rooms are waning. In fact, most of them are now putting their stock online. One of the most important things when you start to furnish your home or re-furnish it is to put in the time to plan. Another great thing about the internet is, not only do you have Online Furniture World! You can use some sensational apps to help you design the area you are thinking of changing. Many design apps on the market are free, and like with the FloorPlanner app, you can plan your designs in 2D and 3D, making sure your furniture purchases online fit perfectly. We are always on the look-out for what the designers are sending our way. And how to achieve them without the designer price tag.

Indoor Offices, Living Rooms, Bedrooms, And Bathrooms

Indoor Offices, Living Rooms, Bedrooms, And Bathrooms

We have the best ideas to help you turn that unloved spare room into a usable space. Use smart shelving and storage solutions to keep all your papers, nick nacks and contain distractions while providing a clean, fresh open space to think, live, and breathe. With all those items stored away, you can create a much-needed office space that can help you work at home productively. From lighting and storage to ergonomic desks and chairs, Online Furniture World can help you create the office you need on budget and on-trend.

Whether you are looking for eco-friendly furniture with classic wicker and sustainable wood or you want clean white furniture, we have robust and beautiful options to match your home and create your own style. Shop for chintzy fabrics, cushions, and throws to make indoor spaces ooze character and cosiness. Give your bathroom a makeover with decorative fixtures to bring a cohesive and new look. Want to restyle your bedrooms on a budget? Start with a fresh lick of paint and a new colour scheme. Then you need only spend a few hundred pounds or less on linens, fabrics, and decorative pieces.

Outdoors Is The New Indoors

Our online garden furniture section brings you countless ideas and themes to create a wonderful outdoor space for living. We all know that outdoor is safer for social gatherings than indoors. But yes, we know, this is the UK, right? Create sturdy windbreakers and canopies, then embrace the outdoors with powerful, alluring, and eco-friendly outdoor heaters. Of course, you’ll still need thermals on many days, but these steps can make your garden an all-round space this winter for family gatherings.

And you’ll also find unique ideas in our online garden furniture section to help you create a mini office in your garden where you can work distraction-free from home. With some smart and funky ideas from Online Furniture World, your shed or garage can become the perfect office, where you’re finally the boss! We have heaters that can be used without the mains supply but are still safe for small indoor spaces. On dark, winter days, flood your new office with clever lighting, sit back in your ergonomically designed chair, and get on with your spreadsheets and presentations, free from the hustle and bustle of kids back from school. All in all, we have the best and most innovative ideas to extend your home into additional functional and beautiful space.

The Different Ways You Can Pay For Furniture Online

Ways To Pay At Online Furniture World

The Different Ways You Can Pay For Furniture Online

Regular online shoppers are well aware of the need for online security. While most people are looking to remain within a budget, furniture shopping comes with expenditure. For some investment pieces, it can be relatively high. Knowing the best payment options is often a neglected area when exploring interior design. Still, here at Online Furniture World, we think it deserves consideration, especially as new online payment options are appearing quite frequently.


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Zen Bedroom On A Budget – 5 Easy Steps To Make It Happen

2020, more than any other year in the recent past taught us the importance of sound mental health. Many of us found ourselves stressed, depressed and struggling to get through another day. But, no more! The New Year is here and it’s already looking up. One way we can all ensure a productive and successful new year is to get quality sleep. And, we have some great ideas for creating a perfect Zen bedroom for a peaceful night of sleep.

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If you have a cat or cats in your home, you’ll know it’s a wonder you haven’t killed them by squashing them underfoot, by now. Cats don’t seem to understand that you are heavy and they are in the way! Whether you have a large or small home, cats will appreciate some cat wall shelves on which to climb and sleep. Any Strong Shelf Is A Perfect New Cat Bed The shelves don’t have to be specifically for cats.

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Types Of Luxury Pillows For A Great Nights Sleep

Everybody knows that a good night’s sleep is vital for your health and everyday functioning. A key ingredient to a great night’s sleep is the perfect pillow. Ranging from Breast Cancer Care pillows, and eco-pillows to cool touch pillows – Online Furniture World has you covered. Choose from luxury or affordable and pillows for people who prefer a firmer touch, all with their own benefits. Different Types Of Luxury Pillows There are several types of pillow, but picking the right one for you is essential for your health.