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As our thoughts turn to warmer weather, it’s time to take out the garden furniture from storage, and get ready for the first annual BBQ. If it’s finally seen better days then it’s time to explore the many outdoor options. There are so many choices it’s easy to be overwhelmed with styles, materials and colours available. If you want to combine your outdoor and indoor living spaces, for an alfresco lifestyle, then carry on reading.

Fabulous garden furniture provides comfort, style and function to your deck, lawn or patio area. You could even move your home office outside on good days. A water-proof dining table and comfortable chairs can bring the eating experience outside, and relaxing tilt-back seating and sofas create a relaxing outdoor living space.

Of course, finding the right furniture depends on how you want to use the space. Maybe you want to snuggle by a patio fire or plan on entertaining all the family. Our gardens are sanctuaries, so whatever the size, it’s vital to enhance it. Garden furniture should make you want to linger, whether having morning coffee with friends or lounging in the afternoon with a good book.

Outdoor Furniture - How To Choose The Best For Your Space

Search for stylish and easy to care for online furniture with minimal upkeep. Most wicker, teak, metal or cedar items are all-weather options that are unfazed by the rain. With regular care and cleaning, they will look wonderful and last for years. Then get ready to add some creativity with beautiful outdoor cushions, pillows and beanbags, all with removable covers for fast and easy washing.

If you’re short on space, you can still create a cosy haven with a bistro set, a compact table with two chairs. Perfect for a small patio or balconies, you can find stackable and foldable options, meaning you can enjoy more space when you’re not using them. Add some finishing touches, green plants, and string lights for a perfect retreat!

A little thoughtful planning can turn your garden or terrace into your favorite spot for most activities in the summer months.

Here are the top tips from Online Furniture World to get you started on your garden or patio. 

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Here are the top tips for online garden furniture to to get you started: 

  • Start with a list of your furniture needs for your outdoor space, plus, your budget!
  • Opt for easy care and weather-proof garden furniture.
  • Search for functional and multi-purpose alternatives.
  • Think about how you will store or protect your items.
  • Shop with care and invest in high-quality, sustainable furniture.
  • Choose long-lasting colours that blend with outdoor decor.
  • Add colourful rugs, cushions and throws for style and comfort .
  • Consider your outside lighting & heating.
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