Cosy Home Office

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BY Hemron ON 28 Aug 2020

Cosy Home Office

Cosy Home Office Ideas – How To Revamp Your New Office

Over the past few months, our perception of work has greatly shifted. Before the pandemic, we were all enclosed in our little office cubicles, but everything soon changed. Lockdown forced us to see our homes as not only dwelling places but also as spaces where we could get work done. As some of you might have noticed, getting that ideal home workstation hasn’t been that easy. But, don’t worry here are some cosy home office ideas to get you started.

A home office needs to have that personal touch — it needs to be a space set up by you and for you. Everything about it has to resonate with you. The first thing to consider is your location, which room provides the perfect work atmosphere? Factors to consider are natural lighting and how conducive the space is to work in. Let the sun rays light up your space, and if not, lamps work as excellent cosy home office ideas to illuminate your space.

If a calm and peaceful environment is the aim. You might prefer a corner desk in your bedroom to one in your living room, depending on other members of the household. A simple thing such as the paint on the walls can interfere with your work vibe. That is why most people tend to go for white or blue, which are calm and cool colours. Depending on how long you need your home office workspace, will dictate how much you will want to change.

Your Furniture Is Your Comfort

Workplaces might have been complex spaces, but your home office doesn’t have to be. Cosy home office ideas such a drop down desk can be a great space saver. Next on the list is comfort, your chair. Think about how it can blend with other furniture in the room, consider the size, shape and, of course, how comfortable they are for working. Buying online home office furniture you can take your pick of suitable chairs that will fit any budget.

A good chair will help you maintain a proper sitting posture and avoid the pain and aches that comes with an uncomfortable sitting position. Despite being digital, you do tend to accumulate paper, and you do need some externals like a printer. For these, our cosy home office ideas would include a small additional table or small stacked drawers that fit the furniture already in the room.

You might even be able to steal some space from the original room furniture! Or if space is at a premium, consider a shelf above your office space lined with attractive storage boxes.

A home office is a perfect opportunity to try out some DIY. Consider buying flat packs which are more economical. Keep checking our blogs for more tips and hints on creating a workable office space at home.