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BY Hemron ON 26 Aug 2020

Home Office

Home Office – Consider Your Space

Operating from home has become the norm for many, but working from your kitchen or dining room table is not easy. Here at online furniture world we think that finding the right space in for a home office is important. The first choice tends to be the living area, which is great if you live along but with others sharing it might not work as well. Have you considered using your bedroom? Taking over a corner of that room might be the ideal solution but do discuss with your partner.

Home Office – In Your Bedroom

Think about a corner desk or a drop-down desk with shelves above for storing your stuff when not in use. Make sure your lighting is adequate, you may have to add a desk light if your bedroom has subtle lighting. Some neat storage boxes that fit your room’s decor could be used for papers and working paraphernalia. Also, remember to consider the power sources when you are choosing the space, is there enough sockets or will you need more.