Types Of Wood Used for Furniture

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BY Hemron ON 13 Sep 2020

Types Of Wood Used for Furniture

Types Of Wood Used For Furniture – Know The Difference

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Find out about the different types of wood used for furniture Will a hardwood or softwood be the better options for the furniture in your home?

Types Of Wood Used For Furniture

There are many different types of wood for the range of furniture that is available on the market, and each type has different characteristics, including the finish, grain and density. Each of these characteristics plays its part in the types of wood used for furniture production. Wood is once again very popular for home furniture , and wood that is from a sustainable source is an important consideration for today’s eco-conscious buyers.

The types of wood used for furniture is a critical factor in determining the price and how to resale, restore or even discard a piece of furniture. To understand the properties of the types of wood for making furniture is also important. There are generally two different types of wood, hardwood and softwood. All wood can be classified under these two genres with each type having its particular unique properties.

You find most softwood is from evergreen trees like Conifers While Hardwood you can get from deciduous trees, those that lose their leaves annually. Another significant difference between hardwood and softwood is tree fibre. Softwood is less dense and has a straight fibre which makes it much easier to cut. While hardwood fibres are quite close and dense, making a sturdier tree that is harder to cut.

The Different Types Of Wood

At online furniture world you will see a variety of woods used for furniture, including hardwood like Oak, Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Rosewood and Mahogany. Softwood includes but not limited to Pine, Ash, Hickory, Beech, Cedar, and many more. Currently, the types of wood used for furniture tends to be of the softwood variety due to its sustainability, in that they grow much faster than hardwood and a far better renewable source that can be used for a wide range of furniture.

When looking at hardwood, we realise that the types of wood carpenters employ in this category are not necessarily stronger than softwood. but are their wood grain pattern is the attraction. Hardwood like oak is the most popular type of hardwood. There are two basic varieties of oak, red and white.

Oak is strong, light and heavy in colour. It tends to develop a prominent grain and a coarse texture. It’s best to use is for English and American country design furniture. Also popular for flooring but hardwoods take specialised knowledge and tend to be costly.

The most popular softwood is pine with more than 100 species worldwide. Pine tends to be a white, pale wood which has a straight-grain. It is lightweight and generally can be found in country-style or antique-style furniture.