180Cm Velvet Square Arm Sofa

180Cm Velvet Square Arm Sofa
Categories: Furniture, Sofa
Brand: Fairmont Park
Color: green
Size: 88.0 H x 180.0 W x 84.0 D cm
669.99 GBP
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Introducing Edward, a stunning luxury velvet sofa available in 3 seaters and 2-seater options. Edward has a modern look with square boxy padded armrests showing clean straight lines and square edges making it a great choice for smaller spaces. With plush foam-filled backrest cushions that are removable and a foam-filled seat cushion that has a button detail, Edward creates a bold and refreshing statement through its shape and horizontal lines. It comes with 2 matching bolster cushions and is supported by solid wood legs. Although this item has removable cushions we do not recommend removing the cushions cover. Velvet is a great choice for sofa upholstery, its richness of colour and soft texture make it undeniably stylish. To get the most out of your velvet sofa we suggest gently vacuuming with the upholstery attachment or using a soft hand brush once a week, making sure you do so in the direction of the pile. The look of velvet fabric can vary when exposed to different lighting. It tends to shimmer more in daylight and look more toned down in indoor artificial lighting. The shade of velvet may vary when stroked by hand in different directions and angles. To even out the colour and get rid of dents and creases, the material should be stroked with an open palm in one direction. All dimensions are approximate, please allow room for slight variations. Upholstery Colour: Green