22cm Air Bed

22cm Air Bed
Categories: Bedroom, Bedding
Brand: SA Products
Color: blue
Size: 188.0 H x 73.0 W x 1.0 D cm
45.99 GBP
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The great outdoors is not for everyone. While sleeping under the stars and being surrounded by nature could be very enticing for most, others don’t think that they’re worth the discomfort of being far away from modern conveniences. One of these conveniences is the comfort of a soft and warm bed.But don’t let the lack of a bed ruin your time in nature. An outdoor mattress that’s nearly as comfortable as the one you have at home can improve the experience significantly. For that, look no further than this airbed!To get the best sleep outdoors, you’ll need more than just a sleeping bag. You need one that’s built to provide comfort no matter what, like this airbed. Its surface can withstand water damage and can stay dry throughout the night. At .3mm thick, it’ll reliably cushion your body from the cold, hard ground.Feel like you’re resting atop a bouncy cloud. The top of this air bed is flocked with a velvet-like coating that feels silky smooth. It also boasts a sturdy vinyl coil beam construction that provides plenty of back support.To help you avoid any hassles on your trip, the mattress is portable once deflated. If you follow the instructions carefully, you may inflate or deflate it in only a minute!