2PK - S/S Solar Sensor Flood Light

2PK - S/S Solar Sensor Flood Light
Categories: Furniture, Lighting
Brand: GardenKraft
Color: gray
Size: 17.0 H x 5.0 W x 7.5 D cm
15.76 GBP
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These solar powered garden security lights will offer instant illumination once someone steps within a 5-metre radius of the light, and will keep garden pathways and driveways bright for up to 30 seconds.You can purchase a single light, or a pack of 2, and each of the sets comes complete with everything you need to mount them to a wall. The lights are manufactured from weatherproof stainless steel, meaning they can be left outside all year round with no compromise to their quality.These solar garden lights have a 60mm x 60mm solar panel which will absorb all of the suns rays in the daytime, and convert this to bright light in the evening time.