37.5m LED 1500 - Bulb Fairy Lights String Light

37.5m LED 1500 - Bulb Fairy Lights String Light
Categories: Furniture, Lighting
Brand: NETTA
Color: green
Size: 37.5 W cm
62.99 GBP
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Bring the Christmas spirit to your home this winter with our wide range of deluxe Christmas lights. Fitted with our new range of close-set bulbs, the distance between each bulb is only 2.5cm, resulting in a fuller, brighter look wherever you place them - giving you more lights for the same length, but not compromising on power consumption. Our Christmas lights are designed to be the perfect indoor decorations, whilst also being durable for outdoor garden use IP44 Waterproof lights. You can then select your preferred lighting mode and the lights will remain on for 8 hours from that point onwards. They will then turn off automatically for 16 hours every day. With 8 lighting modes with a memory function, it will be perfectly suited for your parties, weddings, birthdays and more. Bulb Colour: Blue/Red/Yellow