4 Light Chandelier

4 Light Chandelier
Categories: Furniture, Lighting
Brand: Mercer41
389.99 GBP
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With its acrylic rhinestones, this hanging lamp creates a water fountain effect as though you are in Seville. The interaction of the chrome-plated metal with acrylic crystals is a true design highlight. The crystals break up the light in a very special way. The multi-layered structure of the acrylic creates infinite nuances and plays of light. For example, one acrylic rhinestone will break up the light through its surface and transparent texture in a muted appearance, while another will reflect the light to create a shimmering effect. This pendant light will transform your room into a beautiful world of reflected light, and it’ll look just as beautiful when it’s switched off. You can create your personal lighting concept with this hanging lamp, e.g. as a low-hanging lamp in the living room, entrance area, staircase, or on high ceilings.