70 Led Solar Security Lights

70 Led Solar Security Lights
Categories: Furniture, Lighting
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: white
20.81 GBP
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Solar-powered security lights are incredibly low-maintenance. And they’re your best bet for outdoor lighting that’s also off-grid. With solar lights, you no longer have to worry about wiring and plugs. They give you freedom over coverage and design. Most solar fixtures also run on energy-efficient LEDs, consuming very little power and having long lifespans. They also don’t lose any functionality in the winter. With how much you’ll be saving on your electric bills, you’ll find that investing in solar lighting practically pays for itself. If you want outdoor lighting at low to no cost, then check out the 70-led solar security lights! The bright white light is beamed out of three 270° rotating heads, powered by a solar panel that tilts for the best angle of absorption. This fixture is completely wireless and comes with easy-to-install bracketing, making it easy to adjust or clip on and off. It’s controlled by motion sensors that detect movement up to 8 meters away. When triggered, it emits a 20-second stream of light before automatically shutting off to save power. Boasting an ip65 waterproof rating, it should remain reliably functional in any weather, even through snow and rain. The built-in battery will charge even in low light settings, but 6-8 hours of direct exposure is enough to generate up to 90 minutes of light. The flexibility of the design makes the floodlight incredibly useful for illuminating driveways, garages, entrances, and exits. Still not convinced? Here are a few more excellent reasons to get this solar-powered floodlight for your backyard: - 120° motion-sensing solar panel - durable abs casing - charge for 8 hours to activate for no-fuss, bright lighting, add the 70 led solar security lights to your basket today.