8 - Light Cluster Cylinder LED Pendant

8 - Light Cluster Cylinder LED Pendant
Categories: Furniture, Lighting
Brand: Ivy Bronx
Color: black,brown,gray,white
Size: 40.0 W x 25.0 D cm
236.99 GBP
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Pendant lights are eye-catching in any room. Used above dining tables, they create targeted lighting. The Harpsichord LED light is sure to find a place in your home. The stylish design of the pendant light creates a harmonious accent in the home. At the same time, the natural colours create a warm atmosphere. The modern LED light brings light into the darkness in an energy-saving way, because the light-emitting diodes produce a high luminous flux with comparatively low energy consumption. The light shines warm white, which is always a good choice in all areas where it comes to living because it looks warm and comfortable. With 2816 lumens, the 8-light pendant is bright enough to serve as the only light source in medium-sized rooms. The light can be dimmed in three stages via a standard wall switch. All the necessary installation materials are included so that you can get started right away.