8 - Light Cluster Wagon wheel Pendant

8 - Light Cluster Wagon wheel Pendant
Categories: Furniture, Lighting
Color: white
Size: 68.0 W x 68.0 D cm
499.99 GBP
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KRONE bedroom pendant lamp, metal ring overhanging table white combines unique design and universal and timeless style, which creates a number of possibilities for use in your home. The unique form of lighting will accentuate the decor of rooms, and the glow of light will introduce a comfortable and cosy atmosphere, conducive to social meetings and spending time with loved ones.KRONE lighting series is characterised by functionality and practicality. A tasteful combination of colours of the luminaire: white and materials used in it: metal | glass makes it applicable both in dark and bright interiors.The high quality of workmanship and ergonomic design of the lamp guarantee that it will be easy to clean and satisfying for many years. By choosing the KRONE model, you will gain a delightful and eye-catching decoration, which will give the space a unique look and elegance. The lamp has a place for E14 light with IP20 protection level. The lighting looks great both in the company of other lamps as well as individuals and as light installations, so you can fit it into various types of rooms. The product has a certificate of conformity and is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The set includes instructions and components necessary to assemble the equipment.