90cm Air Bed

90cm Air Bed
Categories: Bedroom, Bedding
Brand: White Noise
Color: gray
Size: 35.0 H x 191.0 W x 90.0 D cm
101.99 GBP
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This is an air mattress that is very useful and versatile. The built-in air pump can fill the mattress with air through the power supply, and it quickly becomes a bed to be used. There is a vent hole on the mattress, you can open it for quick deflation. The flocking surface is soft and comfortable, with strong water resistance, which can enhance your laying experience. The back is made of environmentally friendly PVC which is wear-resistant, ensuring its long-term use. This flocked air mattress has a maximum weight, which can easily bear the body weight of most people. After the air is released, you can fold the inflatable mattress to a small part and put it in a cabinet to save space. You can also choose to put it in a storage bag so that you can carry it at any time. This bright yellow air mattress can be used at home, or as your bed when you go camping or travelling.