Abbriella 4 -Light Unique LED Pendant

Abbriella 4 -Light Unique LED Pendant
Categories: Furniture, Lighting
Brand: Canora Grey
Color: black,white
Size: 150.0 H x 110.0 W x 110.0 D cm
489.99 GBP
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With this extravagant pendant, an extravagant light source moves into your home. The elongated lampshade provides sufficient light as an alternative to the bright ceiling light in the evening hours or for dim autumn days when it simply doesn’t get light outside. The perfect lighting for reading a book after work or watching an exciting film over a hot tea. The light is always exactly where you need it. Above all, the design catches the eye. There is a beautiful contrast between the black metal and the white acrylic panel. This means that this lamp fits harmoniously into any environment. The design of the lampshade is particularly beautiful, as it can illuminate your favorite spot in the room. This pendant light can be continuously dimmed via a remote control. You decide how bright you want the light to shine, depending on the time of day. The LED light strips create a pleasant lighting atmosphere in every room. When the day comes to an end, you can make yourself really comfortable in your home with this pendant light. It literally makes every room shine.