Abhigna 5 Seater Rattan Garden Sofa Set

Abhigna 5 Seater Rattan Garden Sofa Set
Categories: Furniture, Sofa
Brand: Ebern Designs
Color: gray
Size: 66.0 H x 181.0 W x 64.0 D cm
919.99 GBP
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Sitting on this rattan sofa set, you can see the sunrise and sunset with your friends and family, and enjoy a pleasant and relaxing time. The pad cover adopts anti-fade processing and can maintain bright color for a long time. The cushion for leaning on is covered waterproof material, below the circumstance of light rain, jilt gently can throw off rainwater. You can place one or many adornment cushions for leaning on the sofa, in order to add individual character color and reveal your style and savor.