Aboubakry 0.3m x 0.01m Square Shade Sail

Aboubakry 0.3m x 0.01m Square Shade Sail
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: gray
Size: 30.0 W x 1.0 D cm
39.99 GBP
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Under our balcony sun sail, you can enjoy hours of relaxation on your balcony and in your garden without heat accumulation. In contrast to fixed awnings or patio roofs, a sun sail is flexible and can be quickly assembled and dismantled as desired. A sun sail is a good everywhere Sun protection solution. You can use the sail as protection against sun, wind, and weather and as a privacy screen. The sun sail is made of HDPE, with no heat accumulation, as it is water and wind permeable. Sun sails are available in numerous designs for a wide variety of purposes. Here you will find the four usual variants. Colour: Gray