Adjustable Height Black Children's Chair

Adjustable Height Black Children's Chair
Categories: Furniture, Chair
Brand: Blue Elephant
Color: black
Size: 82.55 H x 41.28 W x 38.74 D cm
57.99 GBP
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The difference of ages and sizes among students in a school, even within a classroom, may be significant so if you’re responsible for purchasing furniture for schools an adaptable chair is a must. The adjustable design accommodates children from elementary through high school eliminating the need to purchase chairs in varying sizes saving you money. This stable chair has a pedestal frame to keep up with young active kids. The ergonomic back and seat will keep pupils comfortable during lessons. The slotted design allows air to circulate versus a solid construction. The next time you have to purchase seating for your school or after-school program, consider this adjustable pedestal chair with anti-slip floor caps.