Adolph Copper Solar Powered Integrated LED Pathway Lights Pack

Adolph Copper Solar Powered Integrated LED Pathway Lights Pack
Categories: Furniture, Lighting
Brand: Metro Lane
Color: brown
Size: 30.0 H x 6.0 W x 6.0 D cm
39.99 GBP
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Looking to set up stylish lighting for your outdoor space? The exterior of your home can be one of the most magical places. With the right plants, flowers, landscaping, and decor, our yard or garden can boast a refreshing vibe that captivates anyone who sees it. Unfortunately, once nighttime comes, all our decorations are shadowed by darkness, and no one can see the beauty of our outdoor space. But not with the right lighting fixtures in place. Watch your outdoor space come to life with the Metro Lane Jellyfish Solar Patio Lights! Create a charming landscape with our brilliant jellyfish lights. These stake lights are equipped with powerful LEDs, allowing you to illuminate your garden, yard, and pathway at night. This accessory also has a colour-changing feature, so you can cover your outdoor space with the festive glow of seven different hues. Since the stake lights are fitted with premium solar panels, you don’t need to plug them into stake lights to make them work. Just leave them under the sun for 6 hours, and they’ll have enough juice to brighten up your space for 14-40 hours. Now, you won’t have to get stressed over confusing wires and adaptors. What makes these lights even more convenient is that they come with their own remote. The remote control will allow you to operate your outdoor lighting even when you’re at home. Turn the lights on or off, change their colour settings, or set a timer without going outside. Just in case the remote fails or you don’t have spare batteries, the bottom of the solar panel also comes with a nifty switch, so you can still power up your lights. Here are more reasons you should get these lights: - Waterproof - Simple installation - Long-lasting - Comes in a pack of 5 Breathe new life into your outdoor space. Add the Metro Lane Jellyfish Solar Patio Lights to your basket TODAY!