Ahkeelah 590Cm LED Solar Powered 50 - Bulb Mini String Light (End to End Connectable)

Ahkeelah 590Cm LED Solar Powered 50 - Bulb Mini String Light (End to End Connectable)
Categories: Furniture, Lighting
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: black
Size: 590.0 W cm
10.99 GBP
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Dakota Fields is the market leader in innovate and modern garden features. From outdoor lighting and garden ornaments, to garden furniture and artificial turf, Dakota Fields has everything you need for the perfect summer. These 50 warm white solar powered outdoor garden lights will brighten up your gardens and outdoor spaces this summer, and make hosting garden parties, BBQ’s, and even weddings that little bit more magical. The pack of 50 string lights cover a distance of around 4.9 metres, allowing you to decorate ample areas of your garden, in order to bring a wholesome glow to events. The garden lights are solar powered, meaning that once purchased they will provide no extra cost to you. Simply place the solar panel somewhere in your garden with lots of access to natural light, and then watch as they automatically collect the suns rays in the day, and turn this into light in the evening. The garden lights have an ‘Auto-On’ feature that will automatically turn the lights on in the evening as soon as the sun sets. This means that you don’t need to go outside and manually turn them on every day, giving you more freedom to just enjoy your evenings outside with friends and family even more. The garden solar lights are weatherproof to IP44 standards, meaning they can be left outside in any weather condition without suffering any compromise to the quality of the lights.