Aidrian 2 Light Night Light

Aidrian 2 Light Night Light
Categories: Furniture, Lighting
Brand: Symple Stuff
Color: brown,white
Size: 16.8 H x 8.7 W x 8.7 D cm
18.99 GBP
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This sleek table lamp comes equipped with a motion sensor for automatic on/off operation. No more searching around for a switch. The lamp automatically turns on when motion is sensed and automatically turns off after a set period of time.The lamp functions as the ultimate nightlight, dutifully lighting the way when checking on the baby, heading to the bathroom after dark, or making your way to the kitchen for a late-night snack.The lamp also makes it easier and safer to navigate a dark set of stairs, by illuminating the space as needed. The lamp also offers a dual mode switch, which makes it possible to choose between motion-sensing or always-on operation.Best of all, the table lamp features energy-efficient LEDs that deliver super-bright long-lasting illumination and with a daylight sensor installed the lights only activate in darkness saving the life of the battery!