Ailn 20M LED 40 - Bulb Standard String Light (End to End Connectable)

Ailn 20M LED 40 - Bulb Standard String Light (End to End Connectable)
Categories: Furniture, Lighting
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: black
Size: 2000.0 W cm
54.99 GBP
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LED festoon string lights from Dakota Fields to enjoy up to 40 LED lamps across 20m of cable which you can hang indoors or out. Choose from packs of 5m (10 bulbs) 10m (20 bulbs) 15m (30 bulbs) 20m (40 bulbs). All with 5 metres (16.4ft) of additional power cable so the first light starts where you want it, and a plug-in transformer to eliminate any need for mains wiring. More light for your money. Don’t worry about your lighting looking thin or sparse. Each festoon string lamp is only 50cm apart for more frequent points of light. It simply looks a lot better while giving your scene a richer glow. A modern combination. The black matt fittings include glass sphere LED bulbs with vintage-style filaments. At 55 lumens with a 2700k warm white glow, each light packs a punch to illuminate your space with a cosy, inviting atmosphere. They’re not too dazzling, but bright enough to act as independent lighting for any room or garden. Plus each lamp includes a hook so you can hang the festoon lights directly from the low-voltage wires, or use separate threads to get each lamp positioned at just the right height without sagging across longer distances. Linkable strings combine sections of 10 lights up to 40 total Each 5m (10 bulbs) length of LED festoon lights can be connected together to create a 20m string of up to 40 bulbs. And with the screw-lock O-ring connectors, these connected strings will maintain their IP44 weatherproof rating. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about buying the right length. Add more if you need to, or take them away to shorten the string for smaller spaces. Surround any space with a cosy, welcoming atmosphere indoors or out. Add a contemporary lighting feature to your bedroom or lounge that bathes it in warm white light. Alternatively, drape them outdoors across a fence, parasol or gazebo to add a luxurious touch to your garden. Keep them up as a permanent string light feature, or keep them on hand to impress your guests at BBQs and parties. The plug-in transformer must be used indoors or in a suitable weatherproof socket. Additional 5 metres of non-lit power cable 2700k warm white 55 lumens per bulb. Hanging clips included.