AiMee-Leigh 20M LED 40 - Bulb Standard String Light (End to End Connectable)

AiMee-Leigh 20M LED 40 - Bulb Standard String Light (End to End Connectable)
Categories: Furniture, Lighting
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: black
Size: 2000.0 W cm
67.99 GBP
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Fancy creating a fun, colourful, carnival atmosphere in your garden or home? Our multi-colour LED festoon string lights from Dakota Fields come in 5-metre sections of 10 bulbs that you can connect together to create a string up to 30m long! Choose from: 5m (10 bulbs) 10m (20 bulbs) 15m (30 bulbs) 20m (40 bulbs) 25m (50 bulbs) 30m (60 bulbs). With 5m (16.4ft) of unlit power cable attached to a plug-in transformer to reach nearby sockets with ease. Each lamp contains a 55 lumen LED in a coloured bulb to give you a repeated pattern of yellow, green, red, blue and purple. A perfect colour combination to create an instant party or funfair feel. And with each bulb being spaced only 50cm apart, it gives you high-density lighting to help saturate your area with a rich display of colours that really pop in the evening. Use indoors or out. The lights are IP44 weatherproof rated, making them ideal for hanging outdoors. They’ll work just as well indoors too. Chain them across a fence, post, gazebo or wall. You can use the cable itself to support the lights, or use the optional hooks to hang the bulbs exactly how you want them. Connect strings together to increase or decrease the light chain. No matter which option you buy, you’ll always receive these festoon LED lights in lengths of 10 bulbs spanning 5 metres of cable. You can just use one or connect up to 4 strings together for a 30m length of 60 multi-colour bulbs. Don’t be stuck with one size. Make your colour festoon lights as long or short as you need them for parties, BBQs and events or even as a permanent display. Multi-colour LED festoon chain lights by Dakota Fields. Enjoy your LED festoon lights with Dakota Fields quality backed.