Ardentown 2 Piece Side Table Set in , White

Ardentown 2 Piece Side Table Set in , White
Categories: Furniture, Table
Brand: Mercury Row
Color: gray
Size: 51.0 H x 50.0 W x 50.0 D cm
229.99 GBP
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The Ardentown 2 Piece Side Table Set features a white opal glass top with a chrome frame. Are you looking for a real highlight and eye-catching piece for your living room in chrome? Then your search is over with the Ardentown Side Table, which features chrome and glass and is 51/45cm in height. The side table makes an impression with its classic art deco shape in combination with the glossy chrome and milky-white opal glass. The Ardentown Side Table is an elegant fusion of classic and modern design, with a timelessly retro, art deco style. If required, the two side tables can be pushed together to save space or used separately as a lounge side table or perhaps as a coffee table. The set thus offers excellent flexibility for larger gatherings with guests and friends. The Ardentown Side Table has a particularly eye-catching design that will look great in your home Like a little piece of art, the Ardentown Side Table’s fascinatingly shiny chrome colour scheme is sure to catch everyone’s attention. You’ll have more guests and visitors than ever before, as your friends and family will all want to take a look at this fantastic piece, spending long nights watching TV and films together, while enjoying delicious snacks and cool drinks. The sofa and accessories pictured are not included. Opal glass (cryolite glass) is a translucent but not transparent glass that appears milky white. The clouded glass is formed by embedding the smallest particles, so-called cryolite (sodium hexafluoro aluminate), with even distribution into the colourless base glass. The finely distributed crystallites scatter the light and lead to milky-white turbidity in the glass. Cryolite glass is thus clouded glass (frosted glass), which is mixed with the opacifier cryolite. Colour (Table Base): Grey