Brussels 3m x 2m Rectangular Traditional Parasol

Brussels 3m x 2m Rectangular Traditional Parasol
Brand: Freeport Park
Color: brown
Size: 260.0 H cm
189.99 GBP
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This traditional parasol is a traditional style parasol with a deluxe twist, suitable for use in conjunction with dining tables and as a freestanding parasol when the correct weighted base is used. This sturdy wooden parasol is operated via an easy-to-use double pulley system which is held in place using pins. This effortless system makes the parasol canopy easy to open and close. Supported by a ribbed frame, this deluxe parasol is strong and durable, ideal for projecting shade over your dining area. The 48mm pole will fit into most universal bases as well as parasol holes in dining tables. This deluxe parasol offers a thick, 230gsm parasol canopy which offers exceptional protection from the sun’s UV rays. The leather overlay and metal fixings where the rib meets the pocket prevent damage to the canopy, making it a more durable design. Additionally, the parasol is made from FSC eucalyptus wood for a durable and environmentally friendly finish. This wood type is much more resistant to rot and decay than standard hardwood, making it ideal for use outdoors with furniture that can be left outside. Fabric Colour: Taupe