Coulter Folding Garden Chair

Coulter Folding Garden Chair
Categories: Furniture, Chair
Brand: Rosalind Wheeler
Color: brown
Size: 109.0 H x 46.0 W x 9.0 D cm
439.99 GBP
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This garden chair set, featuring a simple yet elegant design, brings you a comfortable seating experience. Constructed from extremely durable teak hard wood, this piece of teak furniture has been seasoned, kiln dried and then fine sanded to give a very smooth appearance. Teak wood is known for its exceptional strength and weather resistance, making it far more suitable for garden furniture than any other kind of wood. Teak wood is the perfect choice if you want to purchase a long lasting piece of garden furniture. In addition, the wooden chairs can be easily folded away when not in use. Note: In order to extend the life of your outdoor furniture, we recommend you to clean it regularly and do not leave it outdoors without protection unnecessarily. Clean: Use a mild soap solution Storing: If possible, store in a cool, dry place indoors. If the product is stored outdoors, protect it with a waterproof cover. Wipe and dry the excess water or snow from flat surfaces after a rain or snowfall. Allow sufficient air circulation to avoid moisture-related damage. Finish: Brown