Deryan Mosquito Bed Tent 200 x 90 x 110cm Black

Deryan Mosquito Bed Tent 200 x 90 x 110cm Black
Categories: Bedroom, Bedding
Brand: Isabelle & Max
Color: gray
Size: 110.0 H x 200.0 W x 90.0 D cm
97.99 GBP
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The mosquito bed tent is a compact bed net, which will effectively protect you from mosquitoes and other biting insects while sleeping, and it is well ventilated from the sides and below. This mosquito net is super easy to set up: just slide the fibre poles into the canvas and attach them to the corners. The mattress can be placed in the tent from the side so that the bed tent is nicely taut. Perfect for use on holidays! Next to the convenience of sleeping safely and unhindered yourself, kids will also love to sleep and play in the bed tent. Featuring a practical and safe design, this toddler mosquito tent enables you to have full visibility of your child. Additionally, the user-friendly anti-mosquito tent is easy to carry and collapsible for easy storage.