Eden Dining Chair

Eden Dining Chair
Categories: Furniture, Chair
Brand: Blue Elephant
Color: black
Size: 84.5 H x 46.0 W x 55.0 D cm
199.99 GBP
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The dining chairs - versatile, friendly, and durable pieces that you can use everywhere - If being hassle-free is your top criteria for dining room chairs, you’ll like these chairs. Featuring plastic shells that are water and stain-proof, you’ll never have to put up with ugly food stains or spills on your dining room set upholstery ever again. The best thing is, that you can use these dining chairs indoors or outdoors in sheltered spots like the balcony or patio. Hardy, fuss-free, and maintenance-free. Hardy, fuss free and maintenance free. There are so many reasons to bring a set of these dining chairs home. Colour: Black