Fable Console Table

Fable Console Table
Categories: Furniture, Table
Brand: Massivmoebel24
Color: brown
Size: 76.0 H x 120.0 W x 40.0 D cm
589.99 GBP
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This console table offers you a perfect insight into perfectly produced vintage furniture! Decorative as well as useful, this table will bring an ambience of well-being to a home, and enchants with its precise design. As a practical storage space this console table will provide exactly what you need in any room and will simultaneously act as a wonderful decorative piece. With a small drawer underneath the tabletop, small objects can be stored safely. The colourful appearance of this vintage style table gives it a harmonious look and helps it to blend artistically into its surroundings. This lovely piece of furniture conveys a sense of times gone by and exudes the romantic flair of the past. Indian reclaimed wood was the ideal choice of material for this table. After being extracted from parts of old ships and bridges, the wood is expertly processed into the perfect wood to express vintage style. The best pieces of wood were selected to be processed into the material for this table, through an extensive, multi-step process. The colourful surface shows traces of use to express the authenticity of the vintage style, which show through the coloured surface of the reclaimed wood. The nostalgic appearance of this table is expressed through the attention to detail, such as the uniquely carved table legs, with flattering curves incorporated just below the tabletop and above the floor. The impressive appearance of this table can make a hallway feel almost as comfortable and attractive as a living room, as well as being a decorative jewel. This product is very much suitable for everyday usage, thanks to its solid wood construction, which guarantees stability and durability. This table has been coated in a high-quality lacquer, to optimally protect the surface from dust and water.