Grygla Rocking Chair

Grygla Rocking Chair
Categories: Furniture, Chair
Brand: Blue Elephant
Color: blue
Size: 83.5 H x 68.0 W x 69.0 D cm
194.99 GBP
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The rocking accent chair is a modern take on a classic design meet, the mid-century rocking chair, and the chic cousin of the good rocking chair. Even if space is at a premium, you can still be delighting in the hypnotic relaxation a modern rocking chair offers as the is effortless to incorporate into any corner with its modest size. Soft and durable hemp fabric upholstery The rocking accent chair makes a reliable companion too. You can rest assured that it wouldn’t sag or pile over the years. The best thing is, hemp fabric is naturally dust-resistant, making the rocking chairs for the living room a hypoallergenic alternative if you or a loved one are living with allergies. Natural Variation: The frame of this item is made of solid wood which makes it unique and can lead to natural wood color variation. Colour: Blue