Hadrian 2.7m Parasol

Hadrian 2.7m Parasol
Brand: Freeport Park
Color: green
Size: 240.0 H cm
60.99 GBP
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Warm sunshine, fresh air, and the clear sky, what are you waiting for? Open this freeport park umbrella parasol to protect yourself from the sun and celebrate such a wonderful day outdoors! Tailored for balconies with an intelligent semicircle design that can be placed against the wall, this parasol creates a greater shaded area on the balcony than common round parasols. Placed in front of a French window, it’s useful to block the sun’s rays from entering the house. No Fear of the burning sun doesn’t give up on a nice lunch on the terrace just because the sun is too strong! Close the parasol during nights and windy days. This parasol is not intended for use on rainy days. Fabric Colour: Dark Green