Slumberdown Feels Like Down 13.5 Tog Winter Duvet

Slumberdown Feels Like Down 13.5 Tog Winter Duvet
Categories: Bedroom, Duvets
Brand: Slumberdown
Color: white
Size: 200.0 H x 135.0 W x 6.0 D cm
19.99 GBP
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Down is the extremely lightweight, comfortable & insulating soft breast feathers of ducks and geese that they use to incubate their eggs. It’s quite rare & very costly, so this duvet created the next best thing! Our lovely and snuggly hollowfibre filling is soft and comfortable, just like down. The luxury microfibre cover feels wonderful to snuggle up into - it gently wraps around your body so you can be cozy and still move freely through the night. This duvet is an ideal winter duvet for cooler months, or for those who prefer a warmer duvet. Resembling a luxurious down duvet, but without a feather in sight, it’s non-allergenic which means it’s perfect for allergy sufferers. Size: Single