Vienna Bench - Grey

Vienna Bench - Grey
Categories: Garden, Bench
Brand: Furniture Link
Color: red,pink,black,brown
Size: 86.5 H x 160.0 W x 57.0 D cm
489.99 GBP
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Bring your dining experience up to another level in the style stakes with the addition of the fabulous Vienna Benches. Dressed in sumptuous velvet with a quilted design on the seat and back, all with black sleek metal legs and available in five delicious colours. These will make a great companion to any type of dining table from marble to oak and industrial to contemporary. But don’t just think that they can be added to a dining table think of the bench as additional seating in a living space, hallway or bedroom. The options are endless so be brave and let your inner designer explore what works for your home to make it unique to you. Upholstery: Blush Pink