Vispring - Pillow Top Mattress Topper - Single

Vispring - Pillow Top Mattress Topper - Single
Categories: Bedroom, Pillows
Brand: Vispring
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Handcrafted by Vispring in Britain Cushioned with natural wool, cotton, cashmere and silk fillings Gives your mattress the feel of Vispring luxury Make your Vispring mattress even more comfortable with the Vispring pillowtop topper. This wonderful topper has all the feel of a pillowtop mattress thanks to its careful construction and wonderful natural fillings. Filled with a cushioning blend of wool, cotton, cashmere and silk, the Vispring pillowtop topper is so luxurious. Its also very practical, and an easy way to make any mattress more versatile. Turning a mattress increases its lifespan but cant be done if your mattress has a built in pillow top. With the Vispring pillowtop topper, you can turn your mattress and replace the pillowtop topper on top of the other side of the mattress for added longevity as well as fabulous comfort. Like everything made by Vispring, the Vispring pillowtop topper is handcrafted in Britain. Its available in a wide range of mattress sizes from single to super king, and can be used with any brand of mattress. Please note: Your topper may have a faint odour which will dissipate after airing. Settlement of fillings and indentations caused by body weight compressing the fillings are natural and not considered defects. This can be minimised by regularly turning and rotating the topper.