Adair 2.6m Balcony Parasol

Adair 2.6m Balcony Parasol
Brand: Freeport Park
Color: red
Size: 260cm H x 285cm W x 145cm D
107.99 GBP
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Sun, Sonne, Sol, Helios - so many names, so many dangers that emanate from our favourite star. Protect yourself from too much direct sunlight, with first-class UV protection, also commonly known as a parasol. This balcony parasol offers you a shady place - even in small places. The cover is made of high-quality polyester and will not only reliably shield you against UV radiation, but it is also temporarily rain-resistant meaning a short shower does not pose a problem. The reinforced metal struts of the parasol make it extremely stable in windy conditions and ensure additional stability, while the integrated ventilation in the top keeps you cool. Made of powder-coated, rust-proof aluminium, the frame underscores the high quality of the materials used, and offers all-round protection at its best. Its telescopic braces also make this market umbrella a real spatial miracle. Size: 260cm H x 285cm W x 145cm D