Adam Extendable Dining Table

Adam Extendable Dining Table
Categories: Furniture, Table
Brand: Gracie Oaks
Color: brown
Size: 76.0 H x 150.0 W x 100.0 D cm
999.99 GBP
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This Extendable Dining Table is delicately handcrafted from only the finest carefully selected and graded oak timbers.It features an easy to use extension mechanism which effortlessly opens to reveal two extension panels which can be used independent of each other. The table top opens for the extension panels to be fitted in the centre of the table on a solid sturdy frame capable of holding immense weight without stressing or giving way under pressure. This is unlike many other extension tables where the panels have to be mounted on the ends of the table where there is little support, which can cause the arms of the panels to weaken and break. This table has a lacquered finish to ensure all year round protection. There’s no need to apply oil to this oak as the lacquer seals the wood and protects it from drying out. Remember they use 100% solid oak on every part of this table, this is not part solid part veneer furniture. Each table is handmade by skilled craftsmen and is truly built to last a lifetime. The Extendable Dining Table will comfortably seat up to 8 people.