Adriena 3.35'' LED Recessed Lighting Kit

Adriena 3.35'' LED Recessed Lighting Kit
Categories: Furniture, Lighting
Brand: Symple Stuff
Color: white
Size: 4.6 H x 8.5 W cm
39.99 GBP
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This recessed lighting kit is a single downlight with a low installation height. The recessed lighting kit has an integrated LED and a frame in white plastic which contributes to a long life and low energy consumption. Furthermore, the downlight has opal white diffuser glass, that allows light to spread beautifully throughout the room. It is quick and easy to install the recessed lighting kit via a screwless plug-in connection and twist-lock system. In addition, the recessed lighting kit has a flexible cutting diameter (68-73/76mm) and allows for parallel connection. The recessed lighting kit emits a warm light of 2700 K, which makes it particularly suitable in the living room, the dining room or the bedroom. The recessed lighting kit is adjustable, making it highly functional as the light can be directed to where you need. Finish: White, Colour Temperature: 2700K