Alliemae 2.5m x 3m Triangle Shade Sail

Alliemae 2.5m x 3m Triangle Shade Sail
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: white
Size: 300.0 W x 250.0 D cm
33.99 GBP
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It is wonderful to relax and sit in the cool shade during hot summers under this white polyester 3x2,5x2,5 m triangle Livin’outdoor Como shade cloth. The Livin’outdoor shading cloth Como is easily stretchable to fix in the desired location, allowing you to sit back and rest in no time. The shade cloth is made of polyester with a fabric thickness of 160 gr/m. The polyester is 95% protected against UV radiation and has a layer of Teflon coating finish. This ensures that the fabric repels water and is protected from dirt as well. This also means that you are protected from the direct sun under the fabric and also from the rain. Additionally, the solid material lasts a long time. The Shade Cloth is lightweight and comes in a handy bag, so you can easily take it with you anywhere you go. This makes the cloth very suitable for camping. Of course, the Shade Cloth can also be used in the garden. Tension the cloth over a swimming pool or trampoline and protect your children against the direct sunlight or hang it above your terrace to create a lovely shaded area. Hanging the Livin’outdoor Shade Fabric is easy. Use the separately available mounting kit to attach the fabric to your preferred location securely. You can enjoy a wonderful place sheltered from the weather. Note: The mounting set is sold separately