Pogromni Canopy Bed

Pogromni Canopy Bed
Categories: Bedroom, Bedding
Brand: Union Rustic
Color: black
Size: 195.0 H x 149.0 W x 210.0 D cm
1049.99 GBP
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All those who dream of a truly royal bedroom can now fulfil their dreams. This canopy is a high wooden bed with a structure prepared to hang a canopy. It is really beautiful and extremely solid. Despite its size, this piece of furniture has a rather slender silhouette. The high legs of the bed, which are quite wide in the lower part, are designed in such a way as to narrow it down to the top. The height of the sideboards and the space under the bed create an impression of lightness, although it is quite a heavy piece of furniture. This canopy bed is equipped with a high headrest on which you can comfortably support your pillow. The height at which the mattress is located - makes getting up from the bed very smooth and comfortable. This furniture is equipped with a standard mattress frame, which allows you to use the bed immediately after its assembly and arrangement. Unlike similar furniture available on the market, this canopy bed was made entirely of solid wood combined with the so-called “micro trailers”. Such a way of joining wood elements allows to make the furniture from materials completely free of knots and blemishes and increases its strength and resistance to moisture - the furniture does not warp. Moreover, thanks to this, the bed has a uniform structure and is even more beautiful. This canopy bed is supported on 4 thick legs. At the top, they are connected by 4 solid crossbars with a cross-section. Both in the lower and upper part, the construction of the furniture is fastened with thick moon screws, which are intended to pull together individual elements of the bed structure. The bed does not squeak, creak, crack, knock or reveal what is happening on it. The prerequisite is that the leg is firmly twisted, in accordance with the instructions in the assembly manual. To sum up, this canopy bed is a beautiful and really solid piece of furniture that will last for many years, which will be used until it gets boring. Size: European Double (140 x 200 cm)