Sedgefield Dining Chair

Sedgefield Dining Chair
Categories: Furniture, Chair
Brand: Blue Elephant
Color: white
Size: 83.01 H x 40.69 W x 55.12 D cm
93.99 GBP
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Sleek space-savers and flexible seating solutions - Are you a host (tess) with the most, but have a modest dining area? Don’t let space constraints cramp your style. Dining room chairs will delight you with their versatile functionality. The dining chair is designed to be stackable, so you can instantly seat your guests comfortably and then conveniently stack and stow them away when the party’s over. Plus, these dining chairs are ultra-lightweight, which makes for quick and easy re-arrangement whenever you need them. Maintenance-free - dining chairs make ugly, splotchy furniture history. That’s because their plastic shells and legs are wonderfully waterproof and stain-resistant, making them practically effortless to maintain. Space-saving stackable design. Made of waterproof and stain-resistant plastic. Suitable for short-term outdoor use. Colour: White